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Established in 2014, Gratomic is an advanced materials company focused on mine to market commercialization of carbon-neutral, high purity vein graphite. The Company is focused on producing low-cost, Eco-friendly graphite and is set to become a key player in EV and Renewable Resource supply chains.  The Company anticipates full operational capabilities in late 2020 and aims to transition to an open pit mine as early as 2021, after the 23,000 tonnes of historic stockpile on site has been processed.  Gratomic Inc. is a leader among its peers, promising to deliver mine-to-market traceability and guaranteed quality control by providing documented tracking of carbon levels beginning at its Aukam Project and verified at every stage of transport.

Aukam Graphite Project

Located in Namibia, Africa, this historic mine brought prosperity to the Karas region in previous decades. Its first operational phase began in 1940 and it remained in production for 16 years, ceasing operations in 1956.  The second phase of activity began in 1964 and the mine remained active unit 1974.  The Aukam Graphite Project is currently in preparation for phase three of its life, with commercial production anticipated to commence in Autumn of 2020.  Phase three will allow the mine to realize its full potential with an estimated 20,000 tonnes per annum of high purity, vein graphite production.

Aukam Processing Facility

Gratomic Inc. possesses a unique advantage in its visionary leadership team.  This innovative and dynamic team approaches business and mining with a fresh perspective and passionate involvement in all aspects of the company.  The Aukam Graphite Project proudly houses a  production facility, which is 90% complete and was constructed without the use of debt vehicles.  The remaining 10% of facility construction is scheduled for the Autumn of 2020 and is intended to bring the mine into its much anticipated full commercial production phase.

Aukam Graphite

Gratomic Inc. currently boasts two outstanding pre-production purchase agreements for its high purity, vein graphite.  The first of which exists with Phu Sumika.  Gratomic has agreed to supply  Phu Sumika  with  37,500 tonnes of graphite over a five year term.  Phu Sumika will use Aukam graphite to fulfill its end user requirements as a top graphite supplier for lubricants and batteries.  The second exists with TODAQ for 5,000 tonnes of graphite to be supplied over three years and will be held in reserve as a backstop to underpin that companies TDN notes. 


Gratomic Inc. is a dynamic exploration and materials company with countless possibilities in future technological advancements and applications.

The Company has been successful in upscaling its naturally pure vein graphite to a battery grade level of 99.9% Cg through the addition of air classification.

Aukam Graphite is the lump-vein variety and is directly comparable to that found in Sri Lanka.  However, it is much more accessible because it exists in an open desert area.  This is additionally beneficial because there is no potential for damage to local flora and fauna.  The site is free of delirious elements, which allows for a much cleaner and more efficient processing of the mineral, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

Gratomic’s Aukam Graphite Project is located in Namibia, Africa, which shares the Northern border with South Africa.  Namibia gained its independence in 1990 and has established a very stable economic and political environment.  In fact, Namibia is one of the most desirable mining jurisdictions in the world!



Gratomic is focused on high quality, natural graphite deposits in desirable jurisdictions with well-developed infrastructure.  We currently possess a graphite project in Quebec, Canada and our flagship Aukam project in Namibia, which covers a historical mine and is the more advanced of the two.  Our graphene partner, Perpetuus Carbon Technologies Ltd., is located in Swansea, Wales.


The Aukam Graphite Project is located in southern Namibia close to the port city of Luderitz. The property hosts five underground adits which were mined periodically between 1940 and 1974.


The Buckingham property is located within the Central Metasedimentary Belt of the Grenville Geologic Province.


Perpetuus Advanced Materials is an advanced material manufacturer primarily focused on surface engineered carbon structures such as graphenes.


Key Advantages

Rare graphite mine

  • Gratomic currently owns 63% of the Aukam Graphite Project in Southern Namibia and recieved its official Mining Licence (ML 215) on May 5, 2020
  • This unique asset is poised to replace a large part of declining production capacity of vein graphite from Sri Lanka
  • Aukam graphite has been tested in several high value applications including nano-engineered graphenes and is ideal for use in battery applications due to it’s natrually high purity levels and low processing requirements
  • The Company benefits from substantail cost advantages due to the reduced processing required to bring the mineral to its desired grade, which averages 98% Cg.  This is easily scaled up to 99.9% Cg through the addtion of air classification.  
  • Gratomic boasts a world class Executive Leadership team whose vision is matched with dedication, experience, and a passion to bring a cleaner product to the graphite market.  

TODAQ Supply Agreement

  • Gratomic Inc. and TODAQ Holdings Inc. have a signed agreement using Aukam mined graphite as a backstop to underpin the value of deployed TDN
  • TODA Notes (“TDN”) are payable to Gratomic on a per tonne base of graphite to sit in reserve on the Aukam property

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