About Us

 Gratomic Inc. is a dynamic exploration and mining company focused on low-cost mine to market carbon-neutral, eco-friendly, naturally high quality vein graphite. Soon to be the largest vein graphite producer on the planet, Gratomic has set its sights on becoming a key player the EV and Energy Storage supply chains. The Company has been successful in upscaling its naturally pure vein graphite to a battery grade level of 99% + Cg through the addition of air classification. The commissioning of Gratomic’s onsite Aukam Vein Graphite Processing Plant is progressing on schedule. From there, the Junior Miner will move into full operational capabilities.

Aukam Graphite is of the lump-vein variety and is directly comparable to that found in Sri Lanka. However, it is much more accessible because it exists in an open desert area. This is additionally beneficial because there is no potential for damage to local flora and fauna. The site is free of deleterious elements, which allows for easier and more efficient processing of the mineral, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

Gratomic Vein Graphite

Gratomic’s Aukam Graphite Project is located in Namibia, which shares the Northern border with South Africa. Namibia gained its independence in 1990 and has since established a very stable economic and political environment. In fact, Namibia is one of the most desirable mining jurisdictions in the world!

The Junior Mining Company is in the process of solidifying its plans for micronization and spheronization of its clean Aukam graphite. This significant milestone is a small, additional step in the Company’s eco-friendly processing cycle and is intended to allow it to meet battery grade standards for use in Li-ion battery anodes.  The final step in the processing phase will consist of Forge Nano’s patented ALD Coating,

Plans are already in place to deliver mine-to-market traceability and guaranteed quality control. This will be accomplished by providing documented tracking on all graphite generated at its flagship Aukam Graphite Project. The tracking will begin at Aukam and will be verified at various stages during transport.  Additional details will follow as development on this front is finalized.

aukam Tree

True to our roots, the team at Gratomic continues to do our part wherever and whenever possible.  Our onsite team worked to save this beautiful tree at Aukam and constructed the buildings around it in order to preserve the tree and ensure it remained safe and cared for.