gratomic’s commitment

The aim of our community commitment for 2021 is to focus on youth and education in Namibia. At Gratomic, we believe the children are our future. With that in mind, we have donated shoes, water bottles, and school supplies to several surrounding community schools. The images below depict some of the children the company has helped over the last few months.

Gratomic’s involvement in the community doesn’t stop at education. Namibia recently experienced the worst drought in 125 years. In response, Gratomic donated $70,000 Namibian dollars to drought relief in the area. The company also donated feed to local farmers so that they were able to keep their livestock, and livelihood, alive.

The company provides job opportunities, skill building, and training for individuals that provides transferrable skills and opportunities in an economic environment where those individuals might not have otherwise had said opportunities. We pay our staff well and provide educational and developmental opportunities with the goal of assisting in continued growth and development in the region.