Gratomic Appoints Armando Farhate as Executive Management and Head of Advisory Board

Gratomic Inc. would like to welcome Mr. Armando Farhate to the team to advise and oversee the construction and commissioning of the processing plant, Grade and Quality Control Management, and Head of the Company’s Advisory Board.  He will focus on product quality control and will advise on plant construction at the Aukam Graphite Mine in Namibia.  With his exceptional experience in the industry, this graphite guru will undoubtedly be an incomparable asset to the company.  With over thirty years’ professional experience in various capacities including CEO, COO, Industrial Director, VP/Director/Sales Manager and various other impactful positions in numerous multinational companies, Armando offers experience that most can only envy.

This accomplished professional has conducted business ventures in numerous countries including USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, England, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, India, China, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Namibia, South Africa, Madagascar and Mozambique.  Some of his more notable pursuits included work with companies such as Aperam, Imerys, Nacional De Grafite, GEA Group, Sonoco Products, Menshen / LUKAD Group, Alcan Group / Cebal Brasil / Metalpack Embalagens and COFAP Group as CEO / MD.  Mr. Farhate is currently the CEO Tubes Brazil at Aperam, and also acts as a consultant for Market and Business Development at Nouveau Monde Graphite in Quebec, Canada.

Mr. Farhate’s resume’ boasts direct experience in the planning, engineering, research and development, processing, project management, sales, and marketing areas of mining, more specifically, graphite mining.  His expertise doesn’t stop there, however, in past projects Armando was responsible for quality management, environmental management, and implementing strategic and tactical planning.  As an integral member of the Gratomic Executive team, Mr. Farhate will oversee the quality management of the Aukam Graphite Mine as the Company’s construction and commissioning advisor and oversee Grade and quality Control.  As Head of the Company’s Advisory Committee, he will coordinate important decisions regarding processing and quality control activities at the mine.

Gratomic is fortunate to add such an illustrious name to its leadership team.  Mr. Farhate is very well known and respected in the graphite mining industry.  His knowledge and expertise will foster numerous opportunities for Gratomic, not only through Mr. Farhate’s experience, but through his network within the graphite industry as well.

As the Operations and Product Director for Imerys Graphite & Carbon, Armando was directly responsible for the mining and processing facilities at the two sites in Quebec, Canada.  He coordinated a joint venture project in Northern Namibia with a market capitalization of 40 million dollars USD and was responsible for ensuring market demand was accommodated.  Mr. Farhate was directly responsible for the establishment of new product lines, production processes, pricing, sales management, and marketing campaigns.  He established the long term strategy for Natural Graphite, which included sourcing strategy and the definition of new production sites.

Prior to his tenure at Imerys Graphite & Carbon, Mr. Farhate was the Chief Operating Officer at Nacional De Grafite, Ltda.  In his capacity as COO for this prestigious graphite company, Armando was directly responsible for the management and overseeing of 650 employees in various areas including geology, mine planning, mining, processing, engineering and projects, research and development, quality systems, environmental management, and sales and marketing.

During his time with Nacional De Grafite, Ltda., Mr. Farhate coordinated the opening of new mines, obtaining all necessary permits and licensing.  In addition to the evaluation of all mineral assets, Armando was also responsible for the introduction of controls on production, efficiency, costs and inventory levels of three different plants and more than 20 product lines.  He optimized the management of working capital and generated gains of up to BRL 5 million/yr in the industrial units.   Mr. Farhate led the development of new products and processes, including negotiating partnerships with public and private universities in Brazil and abroad.  He placed an emphasis on obtaining graphite oxide and graphene from natural crystalline graphite, and on developing process technology for lithium-ion battery anodes.

Armando Farhate’s business prowess is backed by a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA.  His professional development endeavors include such topics as leadership, sales, project management, foreign trade, patents, and quality management.  Mr. Farhate’s well-rounded business acumen combined with an obvious inclination for challenges beautifully illustrates why he is the ideal candidate for the Head of the Company’s Advisory Board appointment with Gratomic Inc.